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My mailbox doesn’t seem to update on the AOL app  

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Mailbox isn't updating on my AOL app. I have an iPhone 7 with completely updated from the software end. My phone notifies me that I have an email but when I open my AOL app to emails doesn’t Shows and I want to know why this happens and fix this issue...

4 Answers

1. Sign in to AOL Mail.

2. Under your username, click Options | Mail Settings.

3. Click the tab for the setting you want to change.


My mailbox doesn’t appear to update on the AOL app. i've an iPhone 7 and the whole lot is up-to-date on the software end. My mobile indicators me in the notification bar that I Have an email but when I open my AOL app to emails don't populate. I slide the screen right down to refresh it and nothing occurs. I simply up to date my AOL app a couple days in the past and I don’t understand why i'm having this problem.


I updated my iPhone 7 last night and I’m now having the same problem....

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